White Life

White Life is a pop group whose retro feel and soulful, heart-wrenching delivery offer up far more than standard pop fare. With slyly addictive beats, the tracks distill and articulate a profound and familiar longing (for summer, for love, for the future). These anthems will remind you what you adored about dance tracks the first time you heard them, and in your complete enchantment finally free you of the lurking fear that you won’t hear as good again. Catchy and captivating, every hook on this glistening debut transports listeners to a youthful collective past and to the hidden recesses of that still untapped desire, while remaining fun, danceable, and –at first listen- blissfully carefree.
Founded and produced by Jon Ehrens, who is joined by his sister Emily Ehrens for vocals, White Life is a lyrical romp through pop history, infusing the beat driven dance model with avant sensibilities. During production the impressive sibling duo worked with “many local figureheads in the Baltimore music scene, including Jenn Wasner from Wye Oak, Chris Freeland of Oxes, and Andrew Bernstein of the Dan Deacon Ensemble,” reports Reverbnation.com, also noting that “Ehrens' previous efforts include The Art Department, whose Paperwork/Birdwork album was named one of the Top 10 albums from Baltimore in 2010 by the Baltimore City Paper.”


Dungeonesse - Drive You Crazy

Now. See here. This is poppy as hell. 90s R&B to the max, normally I would listen to something like this secretly in the confines of my own ears. But in case it’s a Jenn Wasner [Wye Oak, Flock of Dimes] jam teamed up with groove master Jon Ehrens of White Life [Previously].

You know how I feel about Jenn Wasner’s musical projects… don’t judge me.



5/3 - Washington DC @ DC9 w/ DDm and Big/Bright
5/6 - Brooklyn, NYC @ DBA w/ Sassoon, DDm and SHAMS
5/8 - Providence, RI @ Black Box w/ Ddm, Tierdrops and Kolour kult
5/9 - Boston, MA @ White Haus w/ DDm, Gorilla Toss, GAY and Hot Company
5/18 - Atlanta, GA @ The 529 w/ Wowser Bowser, and Mediocre Machines
5/19 - Athens, GA @ TBA
5/20 - Raleigh, NC @ TBA
5/25 - Baltimore, MD @ Soft House w/ Sassoon, North America and more TBA

stay tuned for more deeeeets!


Feather Soft House 02-19-2012


Feather Soft House 02-19-2012


If someone had told me a few years ago, that John Ehrens of the Art Department via Baltimore would metamorphose into ‘White Life.’ I would have said, ‘yeah right.’ What better way to setup your own landing pad than an amazing video to go along with your number one bumper jam.

The mood of this track is made clear by its rolling synths that creep in as Ehrens’ vocals come chilling through your body in a throwback ’80s electro-pop vibe.

White Life wants you to do: lose yourself in the good time.

“To deny music of danceability seems to be denying it of one of it’s greatest powers, and I had been doing that for years,” says singer and primary songwriter Jon Ehrens.